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Blanket Bog Restoration in Ireland  
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  Bellaveeny, Nephin Beg, Co. Mayo
Bellaveeny, Nephin Beg, Co. Mayo, an Irish Bog Restoration Project Site in Ireland Bellaveeny lies on north-facing slopes within the Nephin Beg mountain range, approximately 7 kilometres northeast of Mulranny, Co. Mayo. This is the largest site in the project covering an area of 344 hectares, 160 hectares of which is planted mostly with lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta). A portion of the site lies within the Owenduff Special Area of Conservation which encompasses the catchment of the Owenduff river, one of the most natural and least disturbed acid-sensitive catchments in the country.

The project site includes the larger of two forestry plantations lying adjacent to a tributary of the Owenduff River. The SAC boundary here bisects a large conifer forest, but it follows the catchment boundary of the Owenduff to include only the forest lying within the Owenduff catchment itself. To the south of its afforested portion, the project site includes a large area of unplanted upland blanket bog, wet heath, acid grassland and corrie lakes. The largest of these lakes is Lough Anaffrin - a spectacular corrie lake surrounded by steep slopes on three sides. Most of the unplanted land within the project area is severely eroded due to the recent high intensity of sheep grazing.

The conifers which dominate the northern portions of the site will be felled and left on site over a number of years while a portion of the unplanted land will be fenced in an effort to exclude sheep and thus facilitate the recovery of blanket bog and wet heath areas. One of the main aims at this site is to study the recovery of severely eroded blanket bog and wet heath habitats.
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