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Blanket Bog Restoration in Ireland  
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  Cappaghoosh, Co. Galway, Extension Site
Cappaghoosh, Co. Galway, an Irish Bog Restoration Project Site in Ireland The Connemara Bog Complex is one of the largest areas of lowland blanket bog habitat in Ireland. The site stretches from the town of Spiddal in the east to Clifden in the west and dominates the southern half of the Connemara region. During the late-1970's to the mid-1980's a large area (c. 700ha) of this lake-studded blanket bog landscape was afforested at Cappaghoosh and Boheeshal. The main tree species planted were lodgepole pine and sitka spruce and the blanket bog was extensively drained prior to planting. This block of forestry measures approximately 6km long by 3km square and runs in a north-south direction, thus effectively cutting the south Connemara blanket bog landscape into two parts. The conifers in this forestry property have generally not grown well and many areas are considered to have limited commercial potential.

One of the afforested areas which still retains a well-developed, albeit modified, blanket bog flora occurs in the middle of the forestry block to the north and east of Lough Curreel. The trees in this area were mostly planted between 1985 and 1988 and their yield class is low. In addition to afforested blanket bog a number of small, open blanket bog areas, occurring mostly along the margins of lakes, lie within the proposed restoration area. The felling of conifers to waste in this area will result in a rapid recovery/regeneration of the blanket bog habitat. As drains in this area are mostly poorly functioning it is envisaged that minimal drain blocking, mainly at the ends of drains, would be required.
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