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Blanket Bog Restoration in Ireland  
Coillte, Government Buildings, Cranmore Road, Sligo  |  Email: life@coillte.ie  |  Tel: +353 (0)71 9162663  
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Project Promotion
  Schools Link - Graduate Treasure Trail
    Graduate Treasure Trail and Life02 Blanket Bog Restoration Project
Graduate Advert 2004
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advert 2004, which featured a question about the project
What is the Graduate Treasure Trail?
The Graduate Treasure Trail on-line Quiz is aimed at primary and secondary level students throughout Ireland. The purpose of the quiz is to promote civic awareness, research politics, environment, EU Affairs, health and safety, the Irish language, government services and improve IT skills.
Many national and European institutions are currently supporting the project as they see the quiz as an innovative way to get their message across to students in an engaging, fun and educational format.

How does it work?
Graduate Presentations 2004
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image of Graduate
Each institution of which Coillte is one (see also list of Graduate Sponsors), involved in the project develops 36 questions about the background to the respective information on their website, in this case our EU LIFE-Nature Restoring Active Blanket Bog website. These questions are then supplied to the Graduate and will feature in the weekly quiz. The quiz is published online (www.graduate.ie) for 36 weeks running. Every question has a link to the relevant institution website and students must read the institution's website material to find the answer to the questions. Students register online and are given a reference number to be eligible to participate in the on-line quiz. To qualify for prizes a student must answer all questions correctly. The computer randomly selects prize-winners on a weekly basis.

Publicity gained during the project
Over the past number of years, the project has gained publicity on national radio, national and regional newspaper publicity. The competition has attracted registered numbers of approximately 26,000 students, and the prize giving ceremonies have taken place in the European Parliament Offices in Dublin.
Graduate Presentations 2004   Graduate Treasure Trail 2004
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image of Graduate
Presentations 2004
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of graduate treasure trail
sponsors 2004
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